Membership: How do I become a member?

Snake Meadow Club is chartered to a 100 member limit per our bylaws and has followed that practice for our entire existence. If an individual desires to become a member, it is recommended they reach out to the membership chair at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

From there, it's typical for a petitioning member to come to the club, for a tour of our ground, meet club members there and/or take part in a work day on a weekend. Potential Members can pick up a membership application at this time or complete the online application form below. Please note that any application must have 3 sponsor members from within the club to be considered for posting and review.

Once an application is submitted to the Club, it is posted to the Main Club Bulletin Board for at least 30 days and the application is reviewed at the next available monthly club meeting. Typically, club meetings are the first Monday in every month, subject to change by the Officers as circumstances present themselves.

If the current membership of the club is at the prescribed charter level limit, the applications of membership are retained in the order they are received. When a membership spot becomes available, the membership chairman then proceeds to the next step of the next application, provided the individual wishes to proceed.

Once reviewed and posted for 30 days, the individual is invited to the next club meeting. The Board of Directors and Officers will give the candidate the opportunity to speak about themselves to the meeting, ask a few basic questions and allow the sponsors to speak. From there, the candidate will be excused from the meeting room, while a vote is held with respect to granting the individual a probationary membership.

Provided that the vote passes, the individual is informed of their probationary status, registered on the club rolls, receives their membership button and card and pays the Treasurer the rated dues they owe for that year. The probationary membership shall be provided with the bylaws of the club and sets up a meeting with their sponsor to cover basic operations and responsibilities the member must abide by while a member.

An individual shall be a probationary member for at least 2 years before being voted a full member of that club. In that time, the probationary member is expected to complete their 20 service hours, attend club meetings, participate in the game dinners and events at the club.

After two years, a probationary member can be voted to full membership by the Board of Directions, which enables that member to be able to serve as Committee Chair, Officers or Board of Directions per the operating guidelines.

Members of the Snake Meadow Club Plainfield Connecticut

Life Membership

The Snake Meadow Club bylaws provided for a limited (5) number of Life Memberships that recognize distinct service rendered to the club and are deemed worthy of this recognition. It requires full membership notifications and a vote at any annual, semi-annual or special meeting of the club. Life Members are exempted from dues and assessments and are accorded all privileges of the Club.


Online Membership Application

The above-named applicant has been personally known by his sponsors, all of whom have been members of Snake Meadow Club for at least three years and are in good standing.

The cost of membership is:
$100 - Stock Certificate
$650 - Dues and Assessment
$750 Total

The dues and assessment will be pro-rated on a monthly basis as of your date of admission into Snake Meadow Club. Payment would be made at the meeting upon approval for admission.

All new applicants are required to present themselves with all their sponsors to the board of directors for an interview. If accepted as a member, the first two years of membership will be a probation period. If, at the end of that time, the new member has not proven to fit in with the policies and traditions of the club, his or her membership will be terminated by the board of directors. Falsifying information on this application may be grounds for revocation of membership.

General Information

Background Check

A background check from your state or local policing authority must accompany this application. * NOTE: The background check requirement will be waived upon presentation of a valid CCP or equivalent.

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