Shooting Facilities at Snake Meadow Club

Pistol Range

Chair: Newell Wright

Snake Meadow Club takes pride in our newly built pistol range shooting house that was built in 2015. It features a fully enclosed pistol house with 6 shooting stations. The shooting house was equipped with heating and ventilation systems to year-round comfort.

The shooting house has varying ranges from 10-50 yard targets challenging all levels of shooters. Pistols of all calibers and .22 rifles are allowed to be shotfrom inside the shooting house. 


Rifle Range

Chair: Ryan Graff

Snake Meadow Club offers a 100 yard rifle range to support the practice and education of rifle shooting. In addition to local hunting, many of our members travel to the Western United States to hunt Big Game(Deer, Elk) as well as North(Moose, Bear) For these trips, members utilize our rifle range for sight-in activities, as well as distance shooting practice.

All shooters on the range must wear eye and ear protection at all times.


Shotgun Sports

Chair: Newell Wright

Snake Meadow Club offers a newly renovated trap field that is equipped with spot lights that allow for night shooting. New lights were installed last summer to help with better visuals while shooting. We are in the process of giving our shooting houses a facelift this upcoming year with more lights and a fresh coat of paint.

During the Spring/Summer/Fall, Snake Meadow Club has a usual weeknight trap practice, starting around 1730 hrs.

This is not an 'every week' opportunity, but it is open to the public providing they have read the range rules and signed the guest waiver upon arrival.

This is posted on the Club Events Calendar as different members are able to support and has become a fun evening of practice with preparation focused on the upcoming hunting seasons.

This is a great way to get an introduction to the club and its members, by coming out for weeknight shooting.

Non-Member Round of 25 targets are $5.00 a round, payable in cash on the night.

All participants must wear eye and ear protection and practice safe firearms and range behavior at all times.

Both our skeet and trap fields are maintained throughout the year for easy access. We are always looking for volunteers to help keep our ranges in top shape. Mowing and weed whacking in the summer is a must, along with snow removal in the winter. Skeet can be shot stations 6 and 7 only currently.

Future projects might include a 3 gun course or a permanent 5 gun stand course. Safety is a priority on all shooting ranges at Snake Meadow we ask all guests to follow our Shooting range rules.

All shooters on the range must wear eye and ear protection at all times.


All guests who intend to visit Snake Meadow Club must download, print, fill out, and bring with you, this waiver content and release form.