Snake Meadow Club Clubhouse and Grounds

The Clubhouse at Snake Meadow is equipped with a wide variety of features. A full bar, commercial kitchen, and several coal fired pits to feed those attending the famous monthly steak dinners are just some of the offered amenities. The walls are rich with SMC history as they are lined with trophy game mounts and pictures collected by members throughout the years. The Clubhouse is home to several events each year including the aforementioned steak dinner, held on the first Thursday of every month, annual seafood dinner, game dinner, and pitch nights. Members can also use the Clubhouse to host private events.

House Committee

Chair: Neal Boyce

The House Committee is responsible for the Snake Meadow Clubhouse and all equipment therein and are charged with the operation, maintenance and upkeep of the facility.

The House Committee works directly with the Kitchen and Bar Committee to promote, host and execute all club activities held within the Clubhouse per the direction of the Officers and Board of Directions.

Bar Committee

Chair: Chuck Merritt

The Bar committee is responsible for obtaining and maintaining our Liquor license, as well as Bar operations during designated Club events. 

The Chair of the Liquor Committee is responsible for all purchases of beer and all liquor consumed on Club premises. The Chair must operate the Club bar in strict conformity with the liquor laws of the State of Connecticut. Working with the Kitchen and Clubhouse Committee, the Bar Committee plays a major role in the success of all Game dinners. 

Kitchen Committee

Chair: Kevin Brignole

The Kitchen Committee has full charge over the kitchen, steak-pits and all other equipment relating to cooking operations at the Snake Meadow Club.

The Kitchen Committee handles the food storage, preparation and serving of the food at all club dinners and events. Working with the Bar and Club House Committee, the Kitchen Committee Spearheads the Annual Game Dinner and has been a primary reason for its massive success. 

The Kitchen Committee is always looking for members to participate in the preparation and serving of food at events. These are great ways to meet other club members and complete your mandatory club hours each year. 


Buildings and Ground Committee

Chair: Newell Wright

The Buildings and Ground Committee are charged with the care and maintenance of all club facilities, as well as the operation of club property to do so (i.e. Tractors, 4x4, etc.) This includes all hunting fields, buildings(excluding the main clubhouse), ranges, dams, and equipment.

The Building and Grounds Committee has one of the largest areas of responsibility, given its charge.

  • It works with the Hunting Committee to plan, plant, cut and maintain all hunting fields for the various hunting seasons.
  • It works with the Fishing Committee to clear and maintain the ponds and brook to ensure safe and enjoyable fishing.
  • It works with the Range Committee to keep ranges mowed and clear, building appearances updated and roads/pathways safe and passable.

Members and Volunteers of this committee spend hours operating small and large tractors on fields, chainsaws, string trimmers and hand tools to maintain club property. This is also done around all buildings and pathways for clear and safe access to all club facilities. The Building and Grounds Committee is always looking for members to participate in the Work Party Days and Weekend Cleanups. These are great ways to meet other club members and complete your mandatory club hours each year. 


All guests who intend to visit Snake Meadow Club must download, print, fill out, and bring with you, this waiver content and release form.