Snake Meadow Club News

  • Weekly Retriever Group - Starting Now!

    Wild River Kennels will be kicking off our 2024 weekly Retriever group classes on April 4th! 
    This weekly class focuses on handling drills, land and water retrieval work. 
    This will be a great opportunity to work in a professional yet casual group setting preparing your dog for the upcoming hunt or test season. 
    We welcome dogs of all levels. Classes will be determined by the levels of dogs attending. About to bring home a pup? Come check us out! 

    Classes are $40 per week, $20 for SMC members. 4-8pm. Reserve in advance, these classes will fill up fast!

    Please contact Wild Rivers Kennels to reserve your place in the class!

    - Posted: March 31st, 2024

  • New Website Launch

    Greetings to all, and welcome to the new Snake Meadow Website! As a club, our membership wanted to ensure our presence in the digital community and enable all those seeking to participate in club events/activities able to readily find that information. We’re excited to bring you the latest in our club facilities and capabilities, as well as our well-known events. Our contact information is prominently displayed at the bottom of our site and please check our events calendar and news feed for the latest in outdoor activities occurring at Snake Meadow in the quiet corner of CT. (Bart Haskell, Website Chair)

    - Posted: November 21st, 2023

  • Thursday Night Trap - Another Great Summer

    As the days start to get shorter, the sun sets earlier and multiple seasons of hunting open up, we say ‘Goodbye’ to our Spring/Summer Thursday nights on the Trap Fields.  Thursday night trap has been a great experience for members and non-members alike, with individuals pulling into the parking lot and asking about Trap Night and if they could participate. We’ve also seen an increase in youth appearing with parents/guardians to shoot, a great sign as to the future of our club and sport.

    While everyone comes out to shoot a round of trap, practice hunting skills and play Trap ‘Knock Out’ against one another, it's been just as successful as a social event. Members often stop by to watch the shooting, as well as chat with members on recent club issues and upcoming events. It's really wonderful to see members, and potential future members, enjoying each other’s company while utilizing the club facilities. 

    It's been great to see so many people out on Thursday nights for Trap and it certainly is on our minds for 2024, once we get into the New Year and the Grounds Committee starts work for the next season. Trap night is a great way to practice your hunting skills, develop discipline in a new game and enjoy the fellowship of participating in the outdoor activities all our members prize at Snake Meadow. See everyone for Trap Night in 2024!

    - Posted: November 15th, 2023

  • A big ‘Thank You’ to our Grounds Committee

    As we are rapidly approaching the fall of the year, many members turn their attention to the upcoming hunting seasons. The Hunting Committee has been preparing the Pheasant and Chukar pens and making sure they have all their tools in place for the season. We always appreciate the hard work of the Hunting Committee, but we would be remiss at this time if we did not also thank our Grounds Committee, chaired by Newell Wright. 

    Starting in each Spring, Newell and his dedicated volunteers spend countless hours turning, planting, edging, lining and cutting fields. It goes on all spring, thru summer, leading into the fall where we find ourselves today.  With 10 beautiful hunting fields on our property, this is no small task to build up and maintain for that length of time. It’s truly in the fall when you see the fruits of their nearly year-long labor, when fields ripple and flow in the breeze, and the grass, millet, and brush that provide the cover needed for exceptional hunting is in its finest form.

    Our membership desires to express its sincere appreciation and thanks to the volunteers of the Ground Committee. Most importantly, we want to recognize and applaud the efforts of the Grounds Committee Chair Newell Wright, whose tireless efforts and hours on the tractor make hunting at Snake Meadow a truly memorable and challenging experience for our members!

    - Posted: October 14, 2023

  • The Return of the Famous Snake Meadow ‘Surf and Turf’ Dinner

    Good day folks, this is a big one! It's amazing in how many ways COVID affected the ‘normal’ and ‘everyday’ things that we were all used to doing. For the membership of Snake Meadow, it often meant having to cancel events that brought the community into the club, long thought as time-honored traditions in Eastern CT. It's been a priority for Snake Meadow Leadership to work back toward those traditional events that are steeped in our history.

    After consultation with the Kitchen and House Committees and with the blessing of the Board of Directions, Kevin Brignole is pleased to announce the return of the Famous Snake Meadow ‘Surf and Turf ‘ dinner! Scheduled for November 4th, 2023, this will mark the first return of this event since the global pandemic and it promises to be a great meal. The attached flier lists the menu, with tickets at $60 per person, advance purchase only.

    In addition to a meal that no one should walk away hungry from, especially if you’ve been to our Game Dinners, there will be Raffle Prizes and our Cash Bar will be open for the event. Like our Game Dinners, space is limited to our clubhouse’s seating, so if you want to experience our first Surf and Turf post-COVID, get your tickets as soon as possible.

    - Posted: September 28th, 2023