Hunting at Snake Meadow Club

Chair: Joe Schuttert

The Hunting Committee oversees all hunting activities that occur on Snake Meadow Club property.

The Hunting Committee sets the rules and guidelines all members and guests must follow while on club property participating, in addition to existing State and Federal rules. 

Given our available land, Snake Meadow offers pheasant, chuker, turkey, deer and waterfowl hunting on Club-owned property and waters.

The Hunting Committee works with the Ground Committee all year on the repeating, planning and cutting of our fields to ensure the proper cover and environment for our game birds. Everyone wants to hunt in the Fall, but the preparation starts in April, so all members and prospective guests are encouraged to participate in the Work Parties and Field Prep Days put on by the Ground and Hunting Committees.  

Members must ensure they register with the Hunting Committee their information and wildlife taken must be recorded on the tracking sheets near the Clubhouse Main Door

The Hunting Committee oversees and executes the purchase, care and stocking of pheasant and chukar in fields and pheasant pens.

While club members may hunt any day of the week within the prescribed limits of the Hunting Committee, it is traditional to meet on Saturday Mornings to hunt.

  • All members and guests must abide by all Club, State and Federal rules for pheasant and chukar
  • All members and guests must practice good field etiquette and safety while hunting in our fields
  • After the hunt, most members return to the main clubhouse, or to the pheasant pens and workhouse.
  • All wild game taken must be recorded in the hunting logs by the main Clubhouse entrance before leaving the property.
  • All game must be tagged appropriately before leaving club property as well. 

The Hunting Committee's goals are to continue to improve the fields and cover for our game, ensuring a safe, positive and memorable hunting experience for all our members and guests.


All guests who intend to visit Snake Meadow Club must download, print, fill out, and bring with you, this waiver content and release form.

pheasant hunting at snake meadow club

On any given Saturday morning, here is the Snake Meadow Tradition:

0600 - Members of the Hunting Breakfast Team arrive at the Clubhouse and start cooking.
Breakfast is traditionally $10 for each member or guest

0630 - Members desiring to hunt begin arriving.
Fields are available on a 'first come, first serve' basis and must be signed up for upon arrival
Guests pay for their 2 pheasants at this time, $20 a bird is the current rate

0730 - The Hunting Committee reviews the Field Sheet and takes a group of members to stock birds out in the various field areas

0830 - Breakfast is served in the main room of the Clubhouse

0900 - The Hunting Committee rings the 'Hunting Bell' in the main foyer of the Clubhouse
This is a tradition dating back decades, an indication that hunters may proceed to their fields

0900-1200 - Fields are open for hunting.