Welcome to Snake Meadow Club

The Snake Meadow Club, Inc, was founded in Plainfield, CT in 1925 with the purpose of providing our membership with:

  1. Facilities and land to promote the conservation of fish and game.
  2. Opportunity to Practice safe and proficient hunting and fishing practices.
  3. Ability to promote outdoor and sporting activities to the next generation.

We strive to be an organization dedicated to our passions of hunting, fishing and shooting, focusing on passing down the history and traditions derived from those men and women who can before us in the outdoors.

Snake Meadow Club Mission Statement: Our Four Pillars

  1. To develop and maintain an interest in conservation and propagation of fish, game and other forms of wildlife with the laws.
  2. To cooperate with other groups of sportsmen throughout the state in an effort to secure better legislation for their protection and, through education, to promote better compliance.
  3. To establish and maintain cordial relations between sportsmen and landowners in the interest of conservation and protection of wildlife.
  4. To instill a spirit of sportsmanship and fellowship among its members.

Snake Meadow Club Safety: Safety Pillars

  1. Always keep a Firearm Pointed in a Safe Direction
  2. Treat all Firearms as though they are loaded
  3. Keep your Finger Off the Trigger until you are Ready to Shoot
  4. Always be Sure of your Target and What is Beyond it

Snake Meadow Officers

Adam Knupp, President
Jed Miller, Vice-President
Barton Haskell, Recording Secretary
Robert Perry, Secretary
Kevin Brignole, Treasurer
Mark Allard, Past President

Snake Meadow Board of Directors

One Year Directors:
Newell Wright
Mike Franklin
Robert Bogle
Adam Romagna

Two Year Directors:
Harry Arters
Neal Boyce
Dave Gervas
Joseph Schuttert

Snake Meadow Committee Chairs

Clubhouse: Neal Boyce
Bar: Chuck Merritt
Kitchen: Kevin Brignole
Fishing: Scott Jussaume
Hunting: Joe Schuttert
Ranges: Newell Wright, Ryan Graff
Building & Grounds : Newell Wright
Website: Bart Haskell
Gravel : Joe Schuttert, Kevin Brignole